Clémentine Valayer Senior Consultant at Gartner

Clémentine Valayer

Clémentine Valayer has a Master in IT from the Free University of Brussels and is a Senior Consultant with 18 years of experience in IT, primarily working in the public sector. Her focus areas include the role of digital in public policy, digital transformation of Government, and research and innovation programmes. Her most recent study defined the future research technology topics for the Next Generation Internet 2025 together with the association NLnet and the Internet community.

Prior to being a consultant, Mrs Valayer worked as a researcher at the Free University of Brussels focusing on research studies for the Belgian government and the European Commission. Raised in a multi-cultural family in different countries, Mrs Valayer usually works on projects involving multiple stakeholders and EU Member States. She has strong experience in networking and managing expectations, working within multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary teams, involving strategists, facilitators, domain experts, architects and technical expert, as well as liaising with relevant stakeholders in specific domains.




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