Frédéric Donck Director, European Regional Bureau, Internet Society

Frédéric Donck

Frédéric Donck is the Managing Director of the Internet society’s (ISOC) European Regional Bureau, which has been created in January 2010. The European Regional Bureau promotes ISOC strategy and mission at European level and is the focal point for ISOC activities, strategic initiatives and programmes in the region related to education and capacity building, membership, public policy and standards and technology.

Frédéric has in-depth experience as a negotiator and advocate in the telecommunications and Internet industry, in both the public and private sectors.During  10 years within the European Commission (DG Infso and DG Enterprise), Frédéric developed and advocated for numerous European policies and decisions in the convergent e-communications sector.

Before he joined ISOC, Frédéric was an adviser to corporate executives and boards in the telecommunications sector. He has designed overall public and institutional policy as well as corporate reputation campaigns for major listed companies, including several of the world’s largest electronic communications companies. He has also served during 5 years as a Board Member of ETNO, the European Telecommunications network operators’ association.

Frédéric holds a LLD (Law Degree), from the Catholic University of Louvain-La-Neuve (UCL) as well as a Masters in European law (LLM) from the State University of Ghent (Gand), in Belgium. He is also a post-graduate in “Strategic and Problem solving Therapy” from the Gregory Bateson Institute, representing the Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto in Europe.

On Twitter: @fredericdonck




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